AUGUST 2015 Update


Middle of August, not ONE dime of child support so far...

The latest... My son came home from his most recent weekend visitation with the psychopath and told me that Erich took him to his newest girlfriend "Carol" (if that is even her real name) parent's house for the first time where this new girlfriend apparently also lives besides living with Erich. My son told me he was thoroughly creeped out and disgusted because not only has this newest girlfriend started acting like SHE is his mother, but she is now telling him that she loves my son! AND... this new girl's "Aunt G" and/or mother also told him this the very first time she met my son! He said the first words out of her mouth to him were literally, "I Love you!"

But as usual, it gets worse...

Besides from being subjected to that psychologically abusive and completely inappropriate nonsense, Erich also knows he is allergic to cats, dogs, dust mites, and cigarette smoke and apparently this girl's parent's house Erich took him to is filled with what my son says are, "doggie decorations, dog poop and hair everywhere and cigarette smoke and butts everywhere." My son was so disgusted, that he told me he had to go sit in Erich's SUV (the one he got from his dead Uncle that is now all beat up and trashed) and try to breathe clean air. He said they came out a few times to try to get him to come back in, but he refused.

To top things off... my son and I, both, are totally humiliated, once again, when someone recently tells us that they saw Erich and his girlfriend "Carol" make a total scene at the North Royalton Giant Eagle last week. This woman tells us that all the employees and customers were laughing at them because she seemed drunk and disorderly and had a dress on with no bra. Apparently her breasts were falling out of the dress where everyone could see her nipples. She said that Erich just looked, "serious" and didn't seem to notice or mind that they were being laughed at or causing a major scene. This newest girlfriend allegedly works at a local bar called, "Caribbean Cowboy" and doesn't have a car in which I am told Erich drives her around. She had also showed up to testify against my son in court to lie for Erich and say that Erich did not pull his hair and scratch his face on morning of March 23, 2015 when we were at the hearing for the restraining order that he successfully lied his way out of.

My son also tells me that Erich keeps asking him how school is when he has not even started. It was pure hell trying to get him to "make up his mind" on what he wanted to do about his school since we finally moved out of that miserable North Royalton, OH that he as poisoned with years of nothing but lies and slander about me (and both of us!). I finally backed Erich into a corner and got him to sign the paperwork for him to attend the school where we are now living. Erich kept threatening us to keep him in NR, but I knew that once I told him that he would now have to LIVE with Erich (and his GF) due to school purposes, that he would back out because he absolutely does not want to raise him at all, whatsoever. I have said this before and I will keep saying it until it gets through people's heads.. ERICH GLIEBE USES HIS OWN SON AS A TOOL TO TRY TO CONTROL ME, PERIOD. I am and have been doing all the work while he enjoys taking half the credit, in which he does NOTHING to deserve. In fact, he is still dropping him off at his ungrateful, enabler mother's house, and he tells me that she is still always whining and complaining about having to watch him and also about Erich just coming into her house to eat all her food and borrow money. And his mother even had the nerve to tell my son to tell Erich's new girlfriend to "clean his house" which is so filthy and disgusting, that a rat wouldn't even want to live there. What happened to her cleaning his house like she usually does?

It's just an absolute nightmare that we could be living around my family and support system getting the help we need and giving my son a male role model, his Grandfather, who would love to get to know my son better, but his selfish, control freak enabler mother and control freak, lying psychopath Erich want to keep us living in poverty, isolated in Ohio for their own power trip and spite against me. They have no interest in my son and treat him so badly that he is in tears every weekend he has to go over there. I try to give my son a better life, and they want to see us sick, broke and miserable. My son tells me how happy his "Oma" is when he is upset and crying. These people are so evil, words can't articulate how brutal they are, but yet they continue to successfully con people with the "sweet little church lady" act and Erich is still wearing around that yellow polo NR soccer coach shirt pretending to be a coach for NR.

My son is also telling me that Erich is arguing with him like a child, telling him that he also was on student council, math club, made straight A's, etc. when we know it's another total lie. I have asked Erich repeatedly to tell me which elementary school he attended so I could get copies of his transcipts to show him that it's not true, and of course, Erich will not tell me.

And the White Power has not at all left Erich Gliebe, whatsoever! My son tells me that all Erich listens to is White Power music and continues to force him to do German dancing, German school, German everything, while he wants to learn about other cultures and races. Erich only quit the National Alliance because he is being sued

The psychological abuse that my son and I continue to go through would fill up about two books by now, but I am still working feverishly on the first one to get this information out before he has us killed or put in jail. He is now threatening to put my son in jail or juvenile detention, like he has been doing with me since before we were even divorced in 2008.

I'll send you the most recent texts to show you what Erich puts us through.. we have to brace ourselves for 9 more years of abuse, so again, any help or advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by Mary Kiers, Friend & Support

HELP THEM! This could happen to you, too! Beware!


JULY 2015 - N.E. OHIO, USA


A statement I received by Erich's Ex-Wife:

This is what my son and I are going through for well over a decade now. I have been separated from Erich Gliebe since July of 2008 and legally divorced in September 2009, and because I have a child with him, we are unable to escape him.

My son calls me in hysterics screaming bloody murder for me to come get him every time he has to go to Erich's or Erich's mother's house in Parma, OH. When Erich or his Mother, Anna Gliebe, doesn't want to watch him, they start ganging up on him and picking on him; calling him a freak, a psycho, a juvenile delinquent, not normal, etc., to get him so upset where I will drop everything I'm doing, like WORK, and go get him. I am financially and emotionally devastated and my health is getting worse because of this continual pattern of manipulation and abuse they do.

We need help, and FAST. I am unable to work and lose jobs constantly because of this. On top of it, we just lost a 6 month court battle trying to relocate to my family's for help out of state because he played the court like a fiddle by lying and manipulating his way through it and is keeping us trapped here in Ohio. And he doesn't even want to have his son!!!!!! Everytime it's his turn for visitation he texts me asking me to come get him! But, yet he keeps us trapped in Ohio?

The police, the lawyers, the State of Ohio courts, the counselors, his own family members, etc., basically all the people that should be helping us are continually being outsmarted, manipulated, and conned by Erich Gliebe, who is also the former self-appointed leader of the National Alliance, which is a Neo-Nazi organization that he only resigned from October 2014 because he's being sued.

The enablers, which are always changing as they find out the truth about him, are just as damaging to us as the psychopath himself, with his Mother being the main life support line, choosing to believe his lies about me and bail him out over her own Grandson. I have tried to tell her for years and years and have finally given up and realized that she is just another duped victim and when he financially devastates her, too, maybe she will wake up. However, I am not so sure that she is not also a psychopath, herself.

Read here:




Our lives are in danger!

Getting our story out is our only line of defense and help. I am currently writing a book detailing everything that we have been going through since I met Erich Gliebe in September of 2004, but that is going to take time to get out and something could happen to us in the meantime. Erich Gliebe has gotten worse over the years, and I recently found out the reason for this is because there is no cure for psychopathy, and they get worse with time.


Mary, I don't know where to begin...Here's a brief glimpse of it, but there's more. I just need to get the book done. Thank you for your support, HH

Erich has threatened my life, my son's and when I was married to him, I caught him masturbating to pictures of his ex-girlfriend's underage daughter. He was investigated for child pedophilia before I met him and got out of it, like every single court case, police report and case worker call, he's gotten away with ALL OF IT. He finds out who my friends are, calls them at their jobs, and turns them against me. He hits up and tries to have sex with my friends, two of them I know about. He has gotten us kicked out of places to live, fired from countless jobs, and spends all day and night on the phone and on the computer slandering me. He plays the victim card, like I am the one who is evil and out to get him! I have gotten so many calls over the years of people telling me what's he said about me and apologizing to me for believing him. He puts on this act like he is some Father of the Year, and just a tall, goofy, harmless, nice guy, but nothing could be further from the truth! He puts on a show for people at my son's school, yet has never spent one day helping him with homework and he's a straight A student. Erich will wear around a yellow North Royalton soccer coach polo acting like he's a soccer coach for North Royalton, OH. Erich has punched my son two times, gotten on top of his chest where he couldn't breathe, pulled his hair, scratched his face, etc., etc., and he denies ALL OF IT, and will brag about he was a former boxer and that he would have killed our son if he had punched him! I have gotten black eyes from him in fights when we were married, he has broken down doors to get to me, and he and he threatens to put me in prison. I am scared about him setting me up because he has talked about doing that to his enemies before. He has pushed me down in his driveway, shoved me, hit me, and has gotten his friends in the NR police to remove the reports from his file. He has stolen my personal property when we were married, he has stolen so much from people and from the National Alliance, that there is current court case against him. ANYTHING coming from his mouth is a lie. You are in danger if he is in your life, he will suck you dry of anything he can get from you, like information, money, sex, or his dirty work. He fits every characteristic of a psychopath, AND MORE.

Erich Gliebe is a psychopath





Please watch this National Geographic video to learn what a PSYCHOPATH is before you go any further! (The lady that describes her ex-husband sounds exactly like she also married this loser Erich, even the ballroom dancing and getting a thrill by abusing his own child!)