It has come to our attention that former Chairman of the National Alliance, SHAUN WALKER, who was Chairman from April 25, 2005 to July of 2006 when he was arrested, has also taken to the Internet to try to find a place to put his penis.

Shaun Walker

Apparently, Dr. William Pierce, original founder of the National Alliance, really did more for Eastern European girls than he ever did for the White Race. It's been a crazy trend for White Power nerds everywhere who can't get laid and blame all their problems on "materialistic and race-mixing White, American women." People like Edgar Steele, Mark from Solar General, and many, many other nobodies, have surfed the pages and/or shelled out lots of dollars for hot, Eastern European girls to fulfill their deepest White Power fantasies just like Dr. Pierce did.

Dr. Pierce, had not one, not two, but THREE of them! WOW! If you have to pay for a woman to be White Power, than that's just..... LAME!!!!! LOL!!!

Take a look at Shaun's emails we found at the NA Headquarters:


Shaun Walkers Legal Prostitutes